Check the speed of your Internet connection

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Welcome to one of the most accurate speed test based on the emerging HTML5 technology. The download and upload speed test lasts on average less than 60 seconds. The results are reported in megabits per second (Mbps). The ping test checks the network latency between your device and a server. The result is reported in milliseconds (ms).

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HTML5 Engine Powered by OpenSpeedTest

Your Internet connection speed depends on the network load at the moment you perform the test. Repeat the test at different intervals during the day to get a representative sampling of your effective speed. In order to reach optimal results, it is recommended to close or temporarily disable any applications than could interfere with your Internet connection bandwidth. For instance, listening to music online or using an antivirus on your device could slow down the download and upload speeds during the test. If a problem occurs during the execution, reload the page or clear the cache of your browser before trying again.

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